What is Gloablskool?


Vision Statement: We see a world where everyone can teach and learn without boundaries of time and space.

Globalskool.com is founded on the understanding of the greatest truth that the world is where it is today because of the teaching learning interaction that has occurred over the centuries from the beginning of time. We are a bunch of people who love teaching and learning and decided to do something about it. We are in an age where computers have also become learners. The greatest hindrance to the teaching learning experience is time and space. We decided to do something about it and globalskool.com was born.

At globalskool.com we believe that knowledge should be shared. Everyone who possess knowledge should have the joy of sharing it. We also believe that the learner should have a place where knowledge can be acquired that is cost effective and is high on quality of content. It is our clearest conviction that this transfer of knowledge should happen in a real time live environment where the teacher is teaching (transferring knowledge) and the learner is acquiring it in real interaction. We believe with all our hearts that LIVE LEARNING ONLINE is the future of the teaching learning experience. For this we have leveraged cutting edge technology to create a platform to facilitate the greatest interaction of all: The teaching learning interaction.

Last updated on 27th May 2020

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